Strange Succulent Nail Art – Roses Borg

I know most of people love green and plants as some of you who even love to  set up your garden every time but here today I have got completely different art from a great master of Australia Roses Borg She have got a amazing fashion sense for you nails, Its a Manicure check out….

She sticks little plants on false nails with a special adhesive Flower Oasis. Then she attach false nails,each hand takes about an hour.


This process takes time but the result is awesomly beautiful.

“People are shocked when they realize that they are real live plants, not 3D-sculpture, Hatsoff to Rose

The best part – when succulents are beginning to grow and manicure peels, plants can simply be put into the soil for them to grow further. Now, the expression “green hand” has acquired a new meaning.



Best part is when succulent starts to grow can take out the manicure also can put them in the soil to grow more at your home.
Lovely green hand


Rose have made beautiful different compositions succulents Her work can also be seen in Instagram.



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