Lovely Wedding Photo-shoot after waiting 70 Years

Here I come again with a Lovely Story. A Cute couple Ferris and Margaret were in love from high school and then they got married in 1946. Unfortunately, that time their was no camera with anyone so that they can capture the moment but after 70 years their granddaughter arranged a memorable photoshoot which was the most awaited one in the world checkout.

Ferris and Margaret forever in Love.


No friends or family were having camera.


Therefore, on the 70th wedding anniversary their granddaughter Amanda Cleckley arranged a photo shoot, recreating the wedding photos that have not been removed, full of love.

Margaret, a 89 years old, wearing a suit and veil lavender hue.


90-year-old Ferris looked very handsome and stylish in a tailcoat.


Lara Carter captured the Lovely clicks.

“Their mutual love is visible in the way they communicate with each other and laughed when we tried different poses,” – Lara said.


This is an excellent example of how should look like a good marriage.


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