I know…What we are going through but we have to be strong and fight together, what is happening around by keeping each other safe and motivated see inside and try to follow.. It will help you to cut down the time and feel positive….

  1. Garden of Colors
Try to grow flowers and vegetables you like in your small garden or in your house gallery, there are a lot of plants which is very helpful for your rooms to keep the air fresh and its really needed nowadays don’t forget to put a MUD pot full of water for birds, as these little fellas can make your morning more fresh with their natural cute voice.

2. Follow you hobby

Follow your heart, think about the time when you wanted to do something!!! which you really wanted to learn or pursue in the past and you got stuck in you job, Follow your likings It can be a Painting ,Reading ,Writing, Singing , Knitting a sweater for your loved once, Making a greeting card, Get a musical instrument start learning it, guitar or Keyboard your choice.

3. Clean and Organise

Clean your house, I can tell you its really needed will help your mind to be in peace trust me specially for people who dint got time before while working. Now you have best time to organize your house, deep clean grab your vacuum and start working on your own beautiful house, may be you will get things which may be lost somewhere 😉 or you may get some old picture of some good

4. Play Games

Remember this screen? How can you forget 🙂 yes play games I know this is old but why not or try new game I know its a PUBG era. Play whatever you like if you have kids then it will be easy for you to choose also it will help them keeping in house, you can also suggest some brain development games for you and your family. Guys in the house are goin to love this option.

5. Online Learning

In this pandemic times you can stay home relax try to learn things online, So many universities and school started giving good options in all the streams you may wish to have an extra addition in your resume or utilize the time to go on with your studies.
I know its hard to concentrate but you can give it a try, It’s can be a good use of time for yourself.

6. Save Money

Money in your pocket matters, specially in this time when world is going through a reboot. Save and manage your expenses wisely Lots of things are goin unpredictable these days so it means we have to be prepared for this tough time in a smart way and together we can do it.
And don’t worry Things will get better.
But this doesn’t mean you stop helping poor or needy.

7. Exercise and Meditate

Exercise makes you fit and healthy and its really a big requirement nowadays as It can make your immune system strong also your mind will be in a peace and If you see yourself in a mirror you will be feeling a self satisfaction, so try to give 10 to 30 minutes to your mind, soul and body as you have enough time for it. Google the exercise or dance on fitness Vedic another way to burn your calories try it.

8. Connect with your Near ones..

Connect with your family and friends on call or chat, talk to them Ask if all are ok?
it will help you and them to feel better in this tough era give them smile, as in normal daily working life we don’t get much time to connect, so this is the time where you make strong bond with your parents and grand parents if they are not with you.

9. Be a Chef

Yes!!! being a chef which everybody is following already but people who dint tried it start! you will love it, cook for your family, bake a cake if you like. If you stay alone make it for yourself, Go in the kitchen play some nice music and start cooking take a help from YouTube as you can check dozens of recipes, Surprise people 😉

10. Organise Old Photos

Open your cabinets checkout the old pictures organize them in a photo album, trust me in the era of digital memories sometimes old pictures are also worth to collect.
As we all know Old is Gold.

At the end I will only say stay home and be safe also I would really appreciate you suggestion or comments if any.

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  1. Sure thing…. Will try to follow all 10 points….still good chef….exercise…gardening is missing.
    Thanks for sharing this… 🙂

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